ARTWORK – Gianna Rosina

Gianna Rosina is a freelance artist, fashion design major, and costume designer. She is inspired by artists Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Vincent van Gogh. Two of her favorite art movements are Surrealism and Impressionism. She reads in her spare time, enjoying  works ranging from Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, to Lemony Snicket. She enjoys black and white photography and has an English Bulldog named Elvis. 


‘Moonlight’ (Acrylic Paints)


‘Roses Have Become Me’ (Acrylic Paints)
 The two paintings have roses–not only because Rose is my middle name, but because of the sentence ‘Rose is a rose is a rose’ from the 1913 poem ‘Sacred Emily’ by Gertrude Stein. The beauty of flowers has always inspired me and my artwork. In ‘Roses Have Become Me’ the girl’s eyes are covered with flowers and the stems are around her neck.  The painting is a metaphor for the innocence that stems from the eyes–from the thorns and harshness from life, over time we can only become soft like flowers.

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  1. Viki DiPietro Curcio says:

    You…are so talented. And I am so very privileged to call you my friend and daughter. Best of all things for you, keep going your creativity is inspiring.


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