PHOTOGRAPHY – Célia​ Schouteden

Célia Schouteden is a twenty-five year old artist based in Belgium. She’s currently studying at her hometown university, in Liège, to become a clinical psychologist. Since 2016, she has explored herself through analog photography which she’s using as a therapy to help herself with her borderline personality & cyclothymic disorders. She would love to help other survivors through her art so, hopefully, they feel less alone in their conditions. In December 2017, she founded Peculiars Magazine, an online magazine with the aim of raising awareness around mental health through words and art.

Self portraits with my Soulmate: The Helper

My biggest trigger has always been the fear of abandonment which is one of the nine diagnostic criteria of borderline personality disorder. Most of my life, I’ve had to deal with self harm and suicidal thoughts and, there I was, three years ago on the edge of letting everything go. Ending my life sounded like the only solution to end the pain. After all the unheard endless cry for help, ending myself seemed like the best way for me to go, to free my dearest ones from my choleric and melancholic temperament, to free them from all the disappointments and constant fightings. But I didn’t die.

Someone came into my life and I didn’t die. Love.”


2018-04-21-0008 as Smart Object-1

2018-04-21-0014 as Smart Object-1


2018-04-22-0004 as Smart Object-1 2

2018-04-22-0005 as Smart Object-1

2018-04-22-0007 as Smart Object-1-2

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