TWO POEMS – Seán Kennedy

Seán Kennedy’s poetry has appeared online at The Honest Ulsterman, The Bangor Literary Journal, The Poetry Shed, and elsewhere. He began writing poetry after finishing an MA in English at Maynooth University a few years ago; his decisions haunt him daily. He lives in Ireland


Image: ‘The Dusk Hour’ by Natalia Drepina

HY249 – The History of Suicide

room almost silent save for muffled laughter
the friend of a student who just whispered
(far louder than he intended)
a diving score
for a body
from the World Trade Centre,
projected on the screen
in a small lecture theatre
in the John Hume building.

hisses and air, hisses and air,
the room is filled with
hisses and air.



Well-deserved, by the looks of things;
my work is not “it is odd” it is “is it odd?”;
a question asked by good neighbour Jen
a kind woman made to look like a swan.

“No it’s the same as what came before”;
whether that’s old or odd can’t be sure
either way it’s bound to look rough and
God knows roughness is necessary now.

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