ART – Manon Parry 

About the artwork

In my work, I highlight the absurd thoughts that worsen as we are gripped by insomnia. I mainly use my own filmed footage and found YouTube footage. The fusion of the two recreates the anxiety that we feel when we’re lying there, lost in a black hole of images and film clips.

Esgus Cysgu 2020

‘In-between days, 2020’

‘Buzz 2021’

I aim to create a visual stream of consciousness where your imaginary and erratic thoughts come to life.

Skewed, 2021′

‘Pretend to sleep, 2020’

‘Esgus Cysgu 2’

About the artist

Manon Parry 25, is a Welsh concept video artist living and working in Cardiff. She holds a degree In Fine Art Critical Practice from the University of Brighton. She has subsequently exhibited work around Wales and England including at “Gwyl Y Ferch”, a festival for women artists based in North Wales, and residencies such as UNIT(e) at g39 gallery in Cardiff.

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