Started by a group of graduates in 2016, Porridge magazine is a volunteer-run, international, interdisciplinary online and print magazine. We support new and emerging writers from all around the world and publish a diverse range of work including poetry, short fiction, artwork, critical essays, current affairs, and much more.

Our aim is to create an inclusive space for contemporary and thought-provoking work and to bring different disciplines together in a new and engaging way.

Georgia Tindale – Founder & Arts Co-editor

title624888120Georgia Tindale works as a project coordinator for a homeless organisation in Lancaster, as well as a freelance editor and writer.  Georgia founded Porridge in her final year at Birmingham. She is interested in a wide range of subjects including poetry, science writing, health and society, history, religion and postcolonial studies. She tweets @tindale_georgia 


Nora Selmani – Arts Co-editor & COMFORT FOODS Editor

nraNora Selmani is a writer and marketer working in scholarly comms from London. When she’s not editing the Arts & COMFORT FOODS submissions, she fiddles with Porridge’s website and social media with varying degrees of success. Her own writing is often concerned with the intersections of gender, nationalism, migration, food, and identity but she has an appetite for work across postcolonial and feminist studies & more. Nora’s first poetry pamphlet Portraits was published by Lumin in 2018. She tweets @arbnoraselmani.

Kitty Howse – Science Editor


Kitty Howse is the science editor at Porridge. She is a graduate from the University of Birmingham with a masters in Mechanical Engineering. Areas of particular interest in the world of science include biomedical engineering, robotics, and the public understanding of science. Non-scientific areas of interest include feminist theory, motorsports, and politics. She is training to become a clinical engineer with the NHS and working towards a masters in Clinical Science.

Chris Rouse – Non-Fiction Editor

47207804_1194805120671652_8937080159832375296_n Chris Rouse is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham, researching representations of East Asia in medieval European maps and travel literature. He graduated from Birmingham with a BA in History and Politics in 2016 and from the University of York with an MA in Medieval Studies in 2018. He has a keen interest in interdisciplinarity, global history and the history of ideas and ideologies. In his spare time he can often be found in old churches making bad jokes about Gothic Architecture. He tweets at @ChrisRouse1212 and one day aspires to be good at it.