COMFORT FOODS // While You’re Still Here – Yasmine Jessy Amr

WHILE YOU’RE STILL HERE You hold my hands and tell me they are too cold. You scribble on a piece of paper, pausing every two minutes to remember. Your memory isn’t what it used to be. But you try anyway.  Scurrying around, you open drawers; pots; pans. You stub your toe as you frantically move…

Bettina von Arnim Accuses Me of Unfaithfulness – Charles Haddox

I dreamt one night about a bright-eyed young woman with dark hair who accused me of being unfaithful to her. Her accusations were apparently true, which troubled me deeply after I awoke. I had never been unfaithful to anyone but had myself suffered the pain of betrayal once or twice when I was young. I…

ONE POEM – Peter Hebden

morning with no people, no cars
only today there are no people,
no cars. Today it’s weird, isn’t it?