ONE POEM – Peter Hebden

nathan-anderson-EMAOvhLUlDE-unsplash (1).jpg
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Running on Tuesday

as quiet as it ever was, Tuesday
morning with no people, no cars
only today there are no people,
no cars. Today it’s weird, isn’t it?

and in the park, despite the laws
we can jog our usual route, and
despite the laws, two ice-blond dogs
wrestle with play-teeth in the sun

a ball goes up in a high arc
against the sky and makes its way
back down, its crack against the ground
a few seconds late



Peter Hebden is a writer and artist from West Yorkshire, now living in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. His previous work has appeared in numerous online publications, as well as the Bloodaxe Books anthology Land of Three Rivers and the Steps in Time mobile app.

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