Thinking of submitting to Porridge? Here are a few things you might need to know!

We especially welcome undergraduate or postgraduate essays of up to 4,000 words, from any discipline. There are currently few platforms for this kind of work; we hope to remedy that. Creative output also interests us, so as well as academic essays we invite you to submit photography, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, excerpts from novels, original artwork, and other visual media. Reviews and think pieces are also incredibly welcome. In short, if you can make it, we can take it!

Our submissions are rolling – we take them year-round. We have no real restrictions bar the 4,000w limit, but do recommend that you send no more than three to five pieces at a time (unless these pieces form one work e.g. a series of photographs or a poetic sequence). We accept simultaneous submissions and previously published work, just let us know who to credit. If you do choose to submit, please be sure to attach a short bio telling us a little about yourself and your interests.

We are a small team of volunteers so do expect our response time to be slow, however if we haven’t been in touch within the month do feel free to get in touch!

We take submissions and enquiries, in the form of word documents, PDFs or Google Docs via email:

Sadly, we are currently unable to pay contributors but are working to make this possible as we believe everyone deserves reimbursement for their hard work.