What Makes a Proper Yorkshire Brew? – Lucinda Maitra

Rather than a distant past we can simply overcome or attempt to forget, our relationship to the historical atrocities of violent imperialism is difficult and clearly far from over, despite attempts to suggest otherwise.

SHORT STORY – Tamara Lazaroff

My grandfather who was not gay was born in 1930 in Seville, Andalusia. He worked as an itinerant labourer for the señoritos, the rich landlords, tending their olive trees and their domesticated animals.

COMFORT FOODS // Dissecting the Heart of Mandu – J.A. Pak

Dissecting the Heart of Mandu The Chinese, Mongolians, Japanese, and now the Americans and Europeans are in my food, but are the Turkic nomads there as well? Intriguing and exciting. A mandu (만두) is a Korean dumpling. A savory dumpling with a filling of meat. It’s usually boiled but it can also be steamed, pan-fried,…

COMFORT FOODS // Pawpaw Meat – Miriam Gauntlett

I don’t look Chinese, I don’t speak the language besides a few words here and there, and I have never met any of my Chinese family besides my grandmother; put simply, I don’t have much Chinese cultural knowledge at all. And yet, my grandmother gave birth to my mother, and my mother gave birth to me.

ONE POEM – Sally Yazwinski

Sally Yazwinski was born and raised on her family’s dairy farm in Western Massachusetts. She went on to earn her M.Ed in moderate disabilities and taught middle school for six years. She then earned an MFA in Fiction from the University of Idaho. She’s currently living and going to graduate school in Cork Ireland, and…

Intercultural transfer in the poetry of Arun Kolatkar – Nora Selmani

Image: M. F. Husain – Man, 1951 Nora Selmani is an academic marketing executive, co-editor of Porridge Magazine and part-time witch interested in gender and diaspora. Her work has appeared in Dead King Magazine, FEMRAT, Peach Mag, O GOCE, and OCCULUM. She tweets @arbnoraselmani Intercultural transfer in the poetry of Arun Kolatkar ‘Lady if I start a poem in this country it will not…

The Loneliest Drag King – Johnny Jupiter

Image: Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria (1982) Johnny Jupiter aka Ar Booth is a trainee History teacher from Bradford. They studied History and Politics at University of Birmingham and did their undergraduate dissertation on the political subversiveness of drag kings while their MA dissertation was on the political subversiveness of female stand up comics. Johnny has performed…