Interdisciplinarity: A Brief Introduction – Dr Matt Hayler

Dr Matt Hayler is a lecturer in post-1945 Literature in the Department of English Literature at the University of Birmingham. His research interests focus on e-reading, materially experimental writing, digital humanities, critical theory, technology, and embodiment. He can be found on twitter @cryurchin. Interdisciplinarity: A Brief Introduction Interdisciplinarity is a long word for a good thing….

Does Tarantino’s use of Django, a lone, vengeful hero, offer a productive discourse in thinking about slavery in the contemporary moment? – Caitlin Stanway-Williams

Caitlin Stanway-Williams has an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham and is about to begin her MA in Creative Writing. So far she has specialised in surreal poetry, focusing on reworking Greek mythology in her dissertation, but is planning on developing into novel writing during her masters year.  Image credit:…