Hoop — Harriet Sandilands

There is an unspoken rule in a therapy group that you are not going to go out for a beer afterwards. It’s the same way that no-one actually tells you that you shouldn’t have sex with someone you just met on the third day of a meditation retreat, but you still know it isn’t a very good idea.

Scheherazade — Lydia Waites

He studies me for a second before facing the road again, his jaw set. My breath is caught in my throat. I clear it, arranging my thoughts. It was just an outburst, a loss of patience: I am safe. 

The Piano Man – Frances Green

That night that the piano man and I first slept together was the night we discovered the pleasure of talking aloud about murder.

Bubba – Kaylie Saidin

Image: Richard Westall – The Artist’s Wife as Sappho Kaylie Saidin lives in New Orleans, where she studies English literature and is an editor at the Maroon. She was the winner of the 2018 Dawson Gaillard Award for Fiction and the 2018 Monroe Library Research Competition. Her work is published or is forthcoming in The…

SHORT STORY – Meagan Masterman

Image: Dorothea Lange – Clausen Child and Mother c. 1930 via the MOMA  Meagan Masterman is a writer from Maine, living in Massachusetts. Her work can be found in Funhouse Magazine, Unbroken Journal, and Maudlin House. She co-edits Reality Hands. Find her online, where she usually is @meaganmasterman Who you are, Alicia Callahan I’ve got a…