ONE POEM – Freya Zhang

You know the opposite of moonlight is a nest woven by darkness,
and you know your heart is a place where people ache,
where people no longer feed their birds on fire.

ONE POEM – Nora Selmani

what it would be like to be a skeleton.

what would happen if each dermal layer melted into the air
& my red stop light flesh went with it
without so much as a snap, crackle or pop?

ONE POEM – Elizabeth Ruth Deyro

Cold waters caress my feet like lovers kept apart
by chance. Foam meets flesh. Flesh kisses sand deeply,
forming wet clay against my soles. I press harder—

ONE POEM – Damon Moore

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash Damon Moore runs an arts project in Frome, Somerset. He has a particular interest in the narrative style but his short-form poetry has found a home in RAUM, The Literateur, Eyot and Forage amongst others. He is travelling somewhere in Europe at present and gathering material for ’28Articles’, a Brexit related poetry-film…

ONE POEM – Frances Tuoriniemi

Photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash Frances Tuoriniemi is a MA Writing student at Warwick. They particularly enjoy work that plays with colour and feels alive, work that moves and shifts to hide and expose.  They have previously been published by Gravel Magazine and Tangerine Magazine. This poem was also featured in Issue Two of Porridge, available for purchase here….

TWO POEMS – Seán Kennedy

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Seán Kennedy is a twenty-three-year-old writer from Ireland whose poetry has previously appeared in the online edition of Porridge, as well as in online journals Dodging the Rain, The Honest Ulsterman, and The Bangor Literary Journal. He began writing poetry in 2017 after finishing an MA in English at…