ART: Scaffold Bodies – Chloe Harrison

Scaffold body I
Scaffold body II

Chloë Harrison is a young artist from Yorkshire. She currently lives in London
where she completed her Foundation in Art and Design at City and Islington College and now studies a BA in Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her artistic practice spans many disciplines – including sculpture, photography, drawing and print making – and focuses on the physicality of the body and its relationship to external and internal sensory influences.

Scaffold Bodies I&II:

These photographic collages centre around a turbulent and anxious relationship to the outside world and my own body. They demonstrate the harshness of civilisation in a very physical sense, and how the body – and mind – can become extremely vulnerable when confronted with the obstacle of dominating actual and sensory space in the midst of urban surroundings.




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