Underwater Photography – Lily Rayson

Lily Rayson is an American and Canadian Studies student at the University of Birmingham. She born and bred in Birmingham and has always had a passion for art and the arts. She enjoys writing for herself, and for The Tab UK, where she has a platform to appeal to young women. She enjoys reading books that challenge the mind, that are thought-provoking and practical. One of her favourite art movements is postmodernism within literature and art – from metafiction, hyperreality to installation to conceptual art.

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Underwater Photography

I had the splendid opportunity to work with the award winning photographer Simon Wright, who took the photos for the Great British synchronised swim team during the London 2012 Olympics. I wanted to capture an ethereal atmosphere within my work, conveying the idea of the ‘drowning beauty’.

The images depict a contrast between the darkness, the dangers of water, what lies beneath, and the gentle vulnerability of the model. They show the thin difference between how the water can have a delicate touch on an object, to then having the power to destroy it. I wanted to create a visual silence when observing the pieces.

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