ONE POEM – Joanna Lee


Image: Natalia Goncharova – Cats (rayist percep.[tion] in rose, black, and yellow) (1913)

Joanna Lee is a recent English graduate adjusting to life in London. Her work has appeared in notes, daikon* and FLY. She currently works at Faber & Faber.


We drift unmoored through
evenings & metaphors traverse
layers of unexpected familiarity in the
fading illuminations of narrative &
look at the tropes flickering & faltering
over the Odyssey of a Friday night
drenched in smoke & hazy
with sleet. Sleep between definitions,
laugh at notions of liminality even
as they cast long shadows on
forms entwined & fleeting. Poised
& perched as if to fly in the space
between seen & unseen & isn’t
that what thresholds are about

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