ONE POEM – Samantha Emily Evans

Samantha Emily Evans is an Anglo-American writer living and working in London. She is a member of the European Beat Studies Network and is always on the move. She works at SAGE Publishing as a marketing assistant. Her poems have been publishing in The Ogilvie, Inklight Creative Writing Journal, Moorpark College Review, and others. She blogs at

God Wears lululemon

“I’ll move when I want to.”
Mercedes mother and wife of an asshole
welcomes me home to Calabasas.

Ooo she missed me, football lights
and lines of BMWs greet me.
Mwa, mwa, Samantha, we missed you!
Kim K is waiting behind gates
and unrequited high school crush finally, finally returns.

I laugh in standstill traffic until she wants to.
Refugees in Calais laugh until she wants to,
they hide in bushes, and dream of Mercedes and mothers.

She hides in hills, and dreams of living rooms and acai bowls,
her shapely ass driving dreams like trucks driving past injustice.

Why her over them?
Why does she need to be worshipped?

The Son arrives, and she drives off.

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