FOUR ARTWORKS – Jacob Courtney

Jacob Courtney is an illustrator currently based in Cardiff. He recently graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design where he studied BA (Hons) Illustration. His work aims to depict atmospheric and immersive scenes. He is interested in the traces of life found in locations with no people present, and the stories those places tell. This is especially noticeable in his “Ghost Town” project, a series of urban landscapes inspired by the town of Port Talbot and its steelworks. However, he is also interested in the relationship and interactions between people and the places they inhabit, as well as narrative and visual storytelling.

Street, watercolour and gouache, 147 x 210 mm
Flats, gouache, 210 x 295 mm
Ghost Town 9
Ghost Town 9, watercolour and gouache, 179 x 254 mm
Ghost Town 12.jpg
Ghost Town 12, watercolour and gouache, 179 x 254 mm

Street and Ghost Town 9 have previously been published in Creative Boom. Ghost Town 12 has previously been published in Illustration Daily

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