ARTWORK: Our Biggest Fears – Judit Pla Cano

About ‘Our Biggest Fears

‘Our Biggest Fears’ portrays women’s biggest fears, in order to encourage their emotional healing and the healing of the heart. The creative process behind the project involved asking women about their biggest fear and then interpreting it by painting a portrait of them, and then adding the fear afterwards, resulting in a fear portrait painting.  

This project’s main mission is to encourage a raising of consciousness around our fears so we can acknowledge them and be able to work, or continue working on them. We could then be able to start or continue healing ourselves.

In this process, the most rewarding part is the open, vulnerable and healing conversation between the artist and the model.

Judit Pla Cano is a 28-year-old creative collaborator, artist and writer from Barcelona who lived in Amsterdam for 2.5 years and is now currently based in Stone Town (Zanzibar). Her preferred means of expression is bright coloured paintings and warm words that speak about healing and consciousness. Her style is poetic, raw and eclectic.

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