VIDEO: 2020aliveness – Maggz

Screenshot taken from ‘2020aliveness’ by Maggz


About the work

‘2020aliveness’ reflects the internal experiences in 2020 in response to COVID-19, aliveness is manifested through different scopes and in nuances on daily basis – the exploration livelihood beyond humans, dislocation in ethereal settings where reality and subconsciousness overlap and everything blends.

About the artist

Maggz is a Melbourne based movement and multidisciplinary artist, specialised in waacking – a dance style originated in 1970s LA from the LGBTQ community, predominantly involving arm movements. Traversing amongst dance battles, live performances, installations and interdisciplinary collaborations with other artists, Maggz aspires to explore the possibilities of art and creativity whilst to honour the unique being of self and others. Find her on Instagram and YouTube.

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