Frames – Jay The Echo (Music Video)

Jay the Echo is a Hip Hop artist and producer from the Bay Area, California. He is interested in the utilization of music and other media as a vessel for social change. For more material, visit

Frames – Jay The Echo

In Jay’s own words, Frames is about an artist’s epiphany about the feeling of freedom that comes from diverging from the social framework of expectations. The rap lyrics in the song describe the thoughts of a daydreaming student who is finding joy in the thought of following his dreams despite the doubts and social pressure that previously weighed him down. The video tracks him in metaphysical space: from depression, to boarding his train of thought, to arriving at his own show at the Fox Theater in Pomona, California. The theater, which has been a milestone venue for many successful American artists, is emblematic of his arrival of an optimistic state of mind. The song Frames has a partner song, Mistakes Were Made, which plays at the very beginning of the music video. Mistakes Were Made delineates his depressed state-of-mind prior to the epiphany in Frames.

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