POETRY – Ella Cunningham

Ella Cunningham is a final year English with Creative Writing undergraduate at the University of Birmingham with a love of both reading and writing poetry. She’s a big fan of indie folk music and is writing her poetry dissertation exploring song lyrics and translating songs into poems. She also loves traveling and is currently learning Spanish. 


You Have Flowers in your Mouth
(From ‘Loveland’ by Milky Chance)

The snowdrops appear again.
On the cusp of morning they rise
towards the fragments
of winter’s low-hanging sun.

Unsettling them from the frozen soil,
I pick several for you and display them
in a crystal glass on your breakfast tray.

You break flower from stem, place it on
your tongue and I think I see the petals melt,
blank delicacies you swallow like a secret.

Then you speak gardens to me,
but I have not grown tall enough to reply.


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