ART – Kuukua Wilson

Kuukua Wilson is a Ghanaian-American Painter and Scientific Illustrator based in the United States and the Netherlands.  Her creative works focus mainly on storytelling about the intricate complexities of life. She delves into topics ranging from cultural ideals, beauty, nature, and the human experience. She uses her works to share her understanding of life. More can be found on her website. Kuukua’s artwork can also be found in the inaugural print issue of Porridge, which is available for purchase here.

Show them the way(“Kyre won kwon”)

“Kyre won kwon” (show them the way). 2016. Ink and liquid gold leaf on tea stained paper.

Fighting Beasts

Fighting Beast. 2015. Ink and liquid gold leaf on tea stained paper.

Artist’s Statement 

Born in small beach-town named Sekondi-Takoradi on the western coast of Ghana, traits of my upbringing and culture always appear in my works. As the culture of Ghana is vibrant, vivid and inviting, I also strive to maintain that similar energy in my work.

As an artist, I aim to utilise both simple imagery anghad obscure subject relationships to describe the complexities of life. I use representation as well as stylised depictions to delve into topics ranging from cultural ideals, beauty, nature, emotions and the human experience.

I use my works more specifically, to discuss my culture and the lens that it has provided me to view and understand moments in life. 

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