ONE POEM – Katie Paterson

Image: Louise Bourgeois – Le Lit, Gros Édredon, Bleu (1997)

Katie Paterson is currently an MA student at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She’s also a writer and spoken word artist.

Dressing Gown

I’m putting on your dressing gown
I will not ask you first
it’s not our only intimacy
but it speaks of something more
than pleasure, the longing that led us here,
to the room where your dressing gown lives
I’ll wear whatever you like me best in
as you know
I like me best in your dressing gown
naked but for the cloaking of you
dressing me up in your smell
lounging in lingering looks
as we pretend that time won’t touch
the delirium of each other’s bodies
teasing, tangled, yawning, true.


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