ONE POEM – Dan Hogan

Painting 1927 by Joan Mir? 1893-1983

Image: Joan Miró – Painting (1927)


Dan Hogan is a writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Lifted Brow, Scum Mag, Sydney Morning Herald, and Overland, among others. They are the Program Officer at Writing NSW, and a teacher. Dan is also the director of the independent literary organisation, Subbed In. They tweet @packetofchips


don’t you remember the drought and the dried
up moat? the unmoveable brumby stuck knee-
deep in the mud? they were probably going for
moss on the castle wall you lost your phone
somewhere on the moat-bed
we walked around the
whole thing the pelican
their diminished bill draped over the rockpile?
you calling your phone with my phone
are any bells ringing?

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