ART – Hendrika Seguro-Bigg

This artwork by Hendrika is also featured in Issue Two of Porridge, available for purchase here.

Hendrika Seguro-Bigg is an English Literature and Philosophy graduate from the
University of Birmingham. Issue Two of Porridge was her first print publication, though she hopes to continue creating, taking inspiration from the world and its people as she leaves for travel later this year.

I’ve Got You (2018)
Mixed Media

My mother has always said you can tell a lot about a person by their hands.

Not only do they physically connect us with the people, things, and world
around us, but they also express a wealth of emotion.

This is why I find hands satisfying to focus on in various states, which capture
a particular feeling or message. It is the simplicity of line drawing that attracts
me to this style. It is honest and without frill, which allows me to explore
meaning in a single gesture.

This image depicts the importance of self-care, as both hands are my own. It
can be easy to forget, that whilst we lend ourselves to the support of others,
sometimes we need to support ourselves. Be there for yourself as you would for
those you love, and for those you don’t even know.

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  1. Wonderful 💕🙏🏽😂🎵Keep going and going .


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