TWO POEMS – Nick Chlopicki

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash


Collage Poem #29

Time to Get Better in every way with a layer of smooth (and honest) tribute to the golden age of superb Plenty Road Proudly remains committed FOR Even those of us who never owned one feel %100 Australian-made they represent all the Full terms and design for the Clean, compact built to blend in so even the busiest people can WATCH US celebrating our ordinary freedom to just BE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU we’ve been told they decided to make with a layer of smooth (and honest) tribute to the golden age of one of the world’s most beloved to  build AWAY WITH emotional development that makes you smile free AUSTRALIA WIDE  Want to know why the best Makes enough for a bunch of good stuff, that sounds like you meant it inspired by your life stories and some strong arms A BRAND OF beautiful, durable, and transparent one of the world’s most beloved to build strong, ETHICAL, SUSTAIN-ABLE & You can easily make this They are free to use your affordable Play memories to our purpose of own WITH More me made for your CARE collectable ways blend until combined as if we’ve finished strong, ethical, sustainable & TIME TO GET Better in every way



purchase with bottled water


the future is ready for

our, now available,

technological improvement

to help you recycle right

we and you benefit, so no

need to harangue our

planned expiration dates public

announcements free to

purchase now our favourable

nourishment decides

where the improvements

are best to innovate

your specific distress

relieved by future us



Nick Chlopicki is currently completing his Honours in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. Nick has publications in Tertangala, Menace, Marrickville Pause, Subbed In, APL’s digital chapbook ‘Tell me Like You Mean It’, and a short-play called Luvstuff staged as part of DIY. He currently resides in North Wollongong.

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