ONE POEM – Fran Root

Photo by Winston Chen on Unsplash

For Her’s

Their guitars stand somewhere in an empty room on American soil
Dust spots in the sun settle on their strings
You held hopes for us all

For those of us who still hold onto those big old romantic dreams
or believe that there are some things still worth trying to say
Something that might help
You did
And you did it with joy

Fran is a young writer from Leicester, UK. Having recently finished their MPhil in Sociology at the University of Cambridge, they are now relocating to Berlin to focus on finishing their first collection of horror stories. Fran is an essayist, spoken word artist, actor and (recently) a director. Their work interrogates sex, love, fear, myth, gender and modern strategies of othering. They are frequently naked, and you can follow their moves on Insta @Uniquornn. 

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