PHOTOGRAPHY – Charlie Speck

For most of my photography I use a Pentax ME super 35mm camera. It was originally my grandmother’s, which she passed on to my dad and I now use. With this connection in mind, I wanted my photographs to create nostalgia and appeal to my family’s values, particularly the importance they place on the outdoors. 




I decided to shoot from our own garden and Kew gardens, which we often visit. I began exploring the interdependent relationship between light and form and how they can each alter the perception of the other. Natural sunlight carves distinct, angular shapes and draws attention to any negative space created within the form. Leaves become translucent under sunlight and their internal vascularity is uncovered, showing their natural complexity and fragility.







Charlie Speck is a young English writer and artist based in London. She is currently working towards a degree in English Literature at Kings College London having previously been studying at The City and Guilds of London Art School. Her art spans across all mediums of ceramic sculpture, print, collage and photography, but when writing she prefers poetry. She wishes to continuously pursue both disciplines.

These images previously appeared in Porridge – issue three, which is available for purchase here.

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