ART: ALL IS ONE – Camila Curiel

‘The mountain’

All is One

‘All is One’ is the latest work from Milan-based artist, Camila Curiel, who goes by the artistic name of ‘Curielis’. The work uses decomposed organic matter and the microscopic world to show that we all live in one strange loop.

Everything is connected, as is shown in the Ouroboros (an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail): ‘the all is one’.

‘Rocky caves’

We are bound to nature, worms and dirt, we come from earth, and to earth we will return.


The fungi kingdom is responsible for this cycle, everything is a scaled mirror, it repeats itself, “a mirror mirroring a mirror” as Hofstadter said.

If you move through every level, eventually you will return to the starting point, it is one endless loop rooted in all of us.

The mathematical inception that Fibonacci taught us. If you look closely enough you will see the big picture.

Curielis: Caracas, Venezuela, 1994, visual artist and designer. Curielis’ work evidences the effect of the Venezuelan precariousness. Decadence is her central subject, embracing death (waste), but also life, and beauty, a paradox about existence. She mostly works with photography and drawings, using decomposed organic matter as the physical subject of interpretation. Through her work she studies the effect of time, life, nature and the degeneracy of the human condition, always with a fascination for the unknown and what is to be discovered. She works as an artist & designer in the city of Milan. Curielis is Camila Curiel’s artistic name. Discover more on her website: or Instagram: @ccurielis

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