ART – Geneviève Dumas

‘One long weekend’

About the artwork

I received vintage magazines from the Montreal Olympics of 1976 this summer as a gift. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t have any Olympics this summer, so I decided to reproduce the Olympic coverage in July by printing (screen printing) over selected pictures.

‘You will see me again’

‘You will see me again‘: Silkscreen of Diana Spencer with ‘magical work’ in Photoshop (the dreamy layers). Printed on soccer stats and image taken from the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976. Available here in multiple sizes.

‘She’s over by the corner’

‘She’s over by the corner:’ Pink silkscreen of a vintage group class of women, along with the statistics of the women’s handball team from an Olympic magazine (Montreal 1976). Print available here in multiple sizes.

You and me and everybody else’

‘You and me and everybody else’: The original piece is a double pass screen-print of a vintage group class of women. It’s print one on the image, alongside a schedule of a running Olympic magazine (Montreal 1976). Print available for purchase here in multiple sizes.

About the artist

Montreal based printmaker, Geneviève Dumas is looking to get as much exposure as she can while trying to make a living from her prints.

She begins her process by amassing archival images and curating music. These provide the creative parameters of a series. Music deeply guides the development of each piece, informing the arc of the series and its formal contours. She starts creating work by choosing base papers and then drawing on them, which she will then screen print over by hand. She prints and produces at her home studio, surrounding herself with the music and images which inspire the pieces.
Explore more of her work here.

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