TWO POEMS – Kali Richmond

Photo by Greg Nerantzakis on Unsplash


sharp contraction
as earth breathes in then holds that breath
the diver submerged for so long
we presume her dead
shark food
scattershot of matter sinking deeper than cameras 
we turn from the ring in the ice
let it close over like a gummy scab

fill our homes with tallow flicker 
atrophic wardens of inertia  
oh these deadened days of pervasive gloom
chests filled with mortar too heavy to lift 
none will see her emerge
eyes feral with dreams 
skin terribly puckered 
green shoots thrusting from bone 

she is discomforted

mouth taut in pulled back peel
hands swiping at her midriff
swiping something away
entities that gather in cumulus bulge

I am drawn 
to this display 
this oil spill slick 
she cannot rid herself
of billowing emotion
agony pulled out from theoretical

it flickers tangible in limbs
worn under the skin
gathered at the jaw
swiping swiping
how daring

to do as she pleases 
although clearly 
it does not please her

how daring
to reveal the shape 
of her pain 

Kali Richmond is a lapsed video artist attempting a closer to nature existence in the north of England. Her poetry and prose has featured in various publications, most recently in Idle Ink, The Cabinet of Heed, Variant Literature and The Utopia Project. She can be found on twitter at @SevenKali. ‘she is discomforted’ previously appeared in Babel Board.

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