PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Swank

‘Communication Barrier’

About the work

The relationship between humanity and technology is expressed by comparison of the natural and synthetic within my body of work. Combining the fragmented human figure with assemblages of objects reveals disconnects between human experience and its conversion into data. The permanent position that we have allowed technology to hold in our lives speaks to our desire for convenience and immediacy.

Consequently, companies with online presence have been able to utilise the data we hand over to capitalise on us as a product.  Through photography and sculpture, I question how the manipulation of behaviour and patterns dehumanises society. The exploitation is subtle but may be exposed in the recontextualization of familiar objects. 

‘Human Connection’


About the artist

Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, Jessica Swank received her BA from Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina in 2017. She is a current student at Clemson University in South Carolina, where she is pursuing her MFA degree in Photography. Her photographic work focuses on the relationship between humanity and technology in today’s society. She has exhibited at several group shows across the upstate, including The Bascom’s 100 Miles Show, and has been exhibited as a featured artist at the Artist’s Guild Gallery of Greenville. Currently, she is exhibited in ArtDoc’s online exhibition, Creative Quarantine. Find her on Instagram: @jessicawswank

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