ONE POEM — Finola Scott

Photo by Adil Janbyrbayev on Unsplash

If not now   when

breathe and   /hold 
lungs and belly
moon balloon full
just       / let   go 
arms / heart / trusting 
sarcomeres   brachi
trusting / yourself
the wind / the forces / the tune

don’t / heavy  think  
of Icarus / of wax / of bindings
of what 
might/can/did happen in that past
don’t heel / and toe 
any lines 
melt / ease / meld

catch every angle / each  ravelling angel
who waits /for your feet 
to stop   
being / earth-held

Finola Scott’s poems are on posters, tapestries as well as in anthologies and magazines including New Writing Scotland, Gutter, PB and Lighthouse. Readers of I,S&T and Orbis chose her poems for awards. Stanza commissioned her work for a multi-media exhibition. Red Squirrel Press publish her pamphlet Much left Unsaid. More writing on FB: Finola Scott Poems. Finola is currently Makar of the Federation of Writers (Scotland). This poem previously appeared in Visual Verse.

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