ONE POEM — Florence Campbell-Gray

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash


My name is June; you have to say it like ‘sex’
softly bright
like it’s a pink toaster
have some toast
and sun beams on the walls
serenely flitting
like vitamins pulsing
like music, for health

PLEASE! Reach into my
chakra intelligence centres
Make. Me. A. Radio.
Please – let me eat paninis and wear hats
Watch me utilise the Alexander technique!
Let me live only in pockets, todays

picture the pull of string from above
I gift you the posture of del-ic-i-ous smug
The brash drinking of coffee free from guilt
Because you can’t resist
a headache
next to a river

And just like that
Nobody in the beer garden suspects
I don’t know the words to Chelsea Dagger
Goddess June, hello!!

Florence Campbell-Gray is a poet, seamstress and soup maker based in Glasgow. After graduating a BA Costume Design course at Nottingham Trent, she studied poetry with Faber Academy and has had work featured in online magazine Skirting Around. You can find her on Instagram at @florencecgray

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