An interview with Claudia Knight

Born in the heart of the Black Country, Claudia Knight is predominantly a writer who is exploring the capabilities of her creativity after moving to London and discovering the freedom in taking more risks in life. Having discovered the endless possibilities when creating digital art, her bold yet simple pieces explore her relationship with herself, her body…

TWO POEMS – Rachel Tanner

tell me the main differences between salt and nothing.
i will tell you the similarities. i will tell you i need both.

ONE POEM – Amy Lafrankie

A scream is trapped under my third rib where they perch on
like a perilous branch. I daydream of
You: hands on my throat
me: telling you I love you

TWO POEMS – Elden Morrow

Image: Marc Chagall, ‘The Flying Carriage’, 1913 Elden Morrow is a recent MA in Literature and Culture graduate from the University of Birmingham. He loves the poetry of Frank O’Hara and Gerard Manley Hopkins (who he wrote his dissertation on), and is particularly interested in poetry where there are abrupt shifts in tone and dialect….


Image: Andre Derain – Charing Cross Bridge (1906) DS Maolalai is a poet from Ireland who has been writing and publishing poetry for almost 10 years. His first collection, Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden, was published in 2016 by the Encircle Press, and he has a second collection forthcoming from Turas Press in 2019. He has…

TWO POEMS – Ian C. Smith

Image: Faye Goodwin (1931-2005) Ian C Smith’s work has appeared in, Amsterdam Quarterly, Antipodes, Australian Poetry Journal, Critical Survey, Live Encounters, The Stony Thursday Book, and Two-Thirds North. His seventh book is wonder sadness madness joy, Ginninderra (Port Adelaide). He writes in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, and on Flinders Island, Tasmania. Police informer’s last rites He imagined eyes…

ART – Gavin Shepherdson

This artwork by Gavin is also featured in Issue Two of Porridge, available for purchase here. Gavin Shepherdson is a designer and artist from Lanchester, Durham. He studied Animation at Northumbria University and has exhibited short films at Ani’mest and Vilnius Festival among others. This will be his first publication for his artwork. His interests include…

ART – Hendrika Seguro-Bigg

This artwork by Hendrika is also featured in Issue Two of Porridge, available for purchase here. Hendrika Seguro-Bigg is an English Literature and Philosophy graduate from the University of Birmingham. Issue Two of Porridge was her first print publication, though she hopes to continue creating, taking inspiration from the world and its people as she leaves for travel…