TWO POEMS – André Osório


Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Essay on Domestic Hunger

From prawn to prawn
the rib dries
aching this unbaked line:

One’s swelled bones might rise
with age, but not that tissue
you’ve just taken off the Border Station,
used, unborn.

Here, as oil spills its tongue
to bare eyes,
I cleave to the bleakness
that stands by the

may never contain.

Shady figure troubling my skin

Shady figure troubling my skin,
Bough rubbing an open wound,
Growing under these letters
At a dead end road

André Osório is a student from Nova University Lisbon studying at King’s College London.  Albeit not having any work published, he is working on the making of a magazine (with other people) that will come out in Portugal. He is twenty years old.

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