TWO POEMS – Stallion Dunquis

Image: Georgia O’Keeffe – Ram’s Head, White Hollyhock and Little Hills, 1935

Stallion Dunquis is a poet & modern troubadour based in New York City and Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.



No rest until the final rest in fire
Cold showers and a laugh at discomfort
Sleep an hour, cut my hair with wire
When I die: “I’m ready for this slumber”
Pleasure… knock, and I will let you inside
A momentary distraction from movement
That which fuels my evolving wheel runs dry…
A wet rest, a little death, then movement
To lie still in a tomb within a palace
Royalty deified for the rest of time
‘Twill be my movement, not my good or malice
That raises the degree of my grave’s shine
Live for glory; die whenever I die
Love forever; make them laugh and cry


Deformed Axis

(a much deformed sonnet)

Tender pressure behind my eyeballs
Crunchy, spinning jowl; deformed axis
The first night of asceticism
Bury my treasure, start starving for fame
Bury or burn me now in Greenwood dirt
I renounce pleasure and plain, being alive
With the city’s sweat I quench my thirst
In the city’s debt I make them cry
Drug me now and make me disappear fast
Sounds, thoughts yank my eyelids up
Shaking my limbs, becoming a street run
I sprint to every village in the world
I donate a box of my bones to one
Music and Thanksgivings of invisible food
Stories, dreams, neon fantasies in heat
Bullying this dull block off the block

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