ONE POEM – Frances Tuoriniemi

Photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash

Frances Tuoriniemi is a MA Writing student at Warwick. They particularly enjoy work that plays with colour and feels alive, work that moves and shifts to hide and expose.  They have previously been published by Gravel Magazine and Tangerine Magazine.

This poem was also featured in Issue Two of Porridge, available for purchase here.

The Teletubbies Sun

I dreamt of eggs like
rubber bouncy balls –
                the shell stripped off:
                 just a yellow yolk developing a face,
                 floating amongst glittery jelly

I pushed one up inside myself
using two fingers, and then
out it slid, oozing as if
cracked onto a frying pan
                 sunny-side up

I tried again, and this time
it stuck –
           a miracle! I cried.
          I cried. a miracle?

I pulled at it now,
but felt it slip further in –

Eventually, I grabbed hold
and brought it out, still intact,
and looked at it closely –
discovered a smile on the yolk’s face
                                    a miracle!?
I watched the yellow float there
until it slipped between my fingers.

At breakfast,
I order my eggs scrambled.

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