TWO POEMS – Jack William Mulvaney

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

Jack William Mulvaney writes prose and poetry and dreams nightly of the Interzone.

Two Cats and a Road

Sadly, saw one dead cat
Cut down on pavement side
A few in lament stood over
Its lifeless body, white

Into a cardboard coffin
They shuffled its sorry load
So long little dead white cat
Found by side of road

Further along this path
Just 10 metres or so away
Another cat dark of fur,
On its back it writhes in play.

Does this dark cat know?
Brother goes full fathom below.
Does it lay like that upon its back?
To mimic its dead kin’s pose.

It strikes as blackly funny,
It’s assumed the light closer to life.
Is this why dark cat mocks,
The white cat dead, on roadside?

Neon Pond

At night I
saw light
of a shop sign
Reflected in pond
Of rainwater sitting
Atop a bus stop

The light was vivid and refracted
Very distracting
And I wondered if
It was looking glass
To where the dead
And angels sit

Floating red/white
Not quite of our time
Split into waves
Gently stirring
I could almost hear
An organ lowly play

In the moonlight
Hint of other life
In a world beyond mine
This, seemed quite
Beautiful and sexy
If only to I.

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