ONE POEM – Julien Chatel

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Early Breakfast with Skyline Crumbs

There’s a morning-bun floating on a bed made of
Late-night Tottenham care

And Chiara

There’s a stretch that says good morning are you
Hungry what did you dream of would you

Wake me up next to someone I know

I wonder if a twist of the hip builds a brand new
You a new body ahead of my hands

But I know it’s not true

Your morning stretch is not a sun
Starting a different day in our room not a sea

Waving early tides it’s not a bit of the day before the day


It’s you Chiara from a different angle
And you stretch your bliss out of

What the night forgot press out

Your beauty the way a curious orange would extract itself
It’s you and you remind me that

Cooking breakfast starts with a pillow of your smile

That kissing you is salt on sliced tomatoes
Good morning bursts from all that is red

Lips cheeks and bums smiles and suns
The quiet promise of three four scrambled eggs

Yes and toasts

Bad coffee on a breakfast table where
The love I left is the love you made


But for now you’re asleep
You don’t know you woke me up

Or that like the smell of the rain before the rain

You make a landscape with tiny things
Turn late-night buns into morning seas

I can’t really see it’s 8am but it’s

Poured coffee over light and
Already like yesterday evening your lips become

The border where sentiments are left to charm


Chiara when you wake up we’ll trade
A chest for your day to start for

Your arms opening up the sleepy place of our fervour and

I hope it’s a place where
Four lips are enough a pray
To change freshly pressed pulp

Into whatever red orange juice Tuscany gave you.

Julien Chatel is a half-French half-Mexican student in International Relations at King’s College London. He likes Rainer Maria Rilke, Jean Genet, and now only praises Ocean Vuong. He already has a degree in Philosophy which means he secretly aspires to build fisherman boats somewhere in Argentina.

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