TWO POEMS – Nadia Patterson


Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash


             summer dress

have you ever worn a dress in the summer?
I wore one once when I was younger
in my great aunt’s backyard in Prospect
I wore it and it felt foreign
femininity felt feigned
I guess that’s why
I can’t grow out my hair
unless it’s under my arms
maybe why I tried to wear make up
to fit into the gaps
and why I wear less now
maybe I’ve forgotten
the brush of hair on my shoulders
or the weight of it tied back
I couldn’t put into perspective
why I started to question everything
but I’m asleep in a parallel universe
in another
I’m wearing
a blue and white striped dress
in my great aunt’s backyard
and it feels perfect



i’d put stickers all over the moon
and hang it from the ceiling
in the living room

              pretend it’s a disco ball
making the room             shine
in the dead of night

charge my crystals to 100%
if I had crystals


somewhere you are basking in sunlight
and I am howling              to the ceiling

in my living room


Nadia Patterson is an emerging poet and artist residing in Adelaide, SA. You can find her work on Instagram at 



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