ONE POEM – Kira Scott

Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash


Six linked haikus.

A raindrop falls from
the doorframe: these are the tears
that we cannot shed

as we comment on
the beauty of the glen and
how wonderful it

must have been to live
in such a place. We seem to
have forgotten the

yells of despair, the
heartbreak as they departed
in such haste that bed

frames lie discarded,
a rusted cauldron sits in
a damp fireplace and

their homes now left to
crumble into the starved earth
for us to sightsee.

Kira Scott is a writer and bookseller from Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work has appeared in The Common Breath’s The Middle of a Sentence and forthcoming anthologies Heather and Re-creation. Her writing typically explores queer identity and the Scottish working-class across both prose and poetry. See more on her website.

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