About the artwork

‘What colour do you feel most connected to?’

This was the question I asked every participant who took part in my project, ‘Soul Collection’.

‘Soul Collection’ is a digital participatory collection which I developed during the winter holidays of 2020.

I asked all of the participants this question, and then I would go away and make them a ‘digital soul’. This was based both on the colour requested, and what I saw when I looked at a photo of them.

The main emphasis of this project was finding a way for me to offer some sort of comfort to people during quite a depressing moment in human history.

Explore the full collection here.







About the artist

Ken Nakajima is a multi-disciplinary artist, covering aspects of theatre, dance, lighting design and visual arts. His practice particularly focuses on the human condition. He chooses to exhibit this focus through the experimentation of the human body using movement & design, assisted by mythological and psychological themes. Ken is currently an associate artist for State of the Art collective, with past projects working with the Teatro di Roma (National Theatre in Rome) for the Dominio Pubblico Arts Festival. He now attends Central Saint Martins (UAL), studying for an MA in Performance Design & Practice.

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