ONE POEM – Andrew Button

Photo by Hersh Chauhan on Unsplash

Slow Lane

Everybody called her ‘a character’,
a regular in the library
in her shabby Barbour jacket
and crumpled hat perched
on hair dishevelled as a bird’s nest.
She would regale them
with her eccentric exploits
in her well-heeled tones
completely unaware that
her escapades were notorious.
How she would hold up the traffic
that stretched back half a mile
in her crawling, clapped out jalopy.
How she was blissfully oblivious
to the flashing lights and sirens
as her vehicle progressed idly
towards the wrong slip road
on the wrong side of the motorway.

Andrew Button currently lives in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. He has had many
poems placed in magazines and a pamphlet, ‘Dry Days in Wet Towns’, was published
in 2016. To date, he has had two collections published, ‘The Melted Cheese on the
Cosmic Pizza,’ (
erbacce Press, November 2017), and ‘Music for Empty Car Parks’
(erbacce press, January 2020). He is a regular at the Fire & Dust Open Mic in
Coventry and performed at the online version of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2021.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Amanda Pick says:

    ‘Slow Lane’ reads as a tender and well studied portrayal of eccentricity …
    Dipping into Button’s back catalogue of work revealed a treasure trove of such observational poetry: varied, funny and heartfelt.
    Thank you ‘Porridge’ for signposting this writer.


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